Hi guys, in this 3d modeling tutorial i will show you how to model a tennis ball using 3ds Max 2011. This time we will cover only the 3d modeling process because the materials are pretty basic with Noise in the Bump Map. That being said let's start this 3d modeling tutorial

Step 1: To start this 3d modeling tutorial open or rest Max. Form Create, Geometry create a Box with the Length, Width and Height of 10cm and change Length, Width and Height Segments number to 2.

Step 2: In the Modify tab from Modifier List apply a Spherify modifier and convert the box to Editable Poly. Right click on the screen, Convert to>Convert to Editable Poly.

Step 3: From the Modify tab select the Vertex selection mode, go in Front view(press "V" on your keyboard to switch between viewports) and select the 2 vertices i've marked below. Click on Percent Snap Toggle to activate it and using the Select and Scale tool scale down the vertices in X axis direction until you see 60 in the bottom of the screen.

Step 4: Now in the Back view do the exact same thing only this time in the Y axis direction.

Step 5: In selection rollout menu select Edge and select the edges i've selected below holding CTRL.

Step 6: With the edges selected click on the little box next to Chamfer in Edit Edges rollout menu. Chamfer the edges with an amount of 0.25cm and 1 segment. Click the check mark for OK or click the plus sign(apply) because we will chamfer the edges again in the next step.

Step 7: With the edges resulted from chamfer still selected apply another Chamfer only this time change the amount to 0.05cm.

Step 8: Continuing with this 3d modeling tutorial from the Modifier list apply a Turbosmooth modifier and change the Iterations to 2.

Step 9: Now apply a Spherify modifier.
Note: You should exit selection mode if the Spherify modifier doesn't work.

Step 10: To continue this 3d modeling tutorial apply a Edit Poly modifier.

Step 11: In Edit Poly modifier select the Edge selection mode and make a Loop selection like i've did below. Select one edge and click on Loop.

Step 12: We now must convert our edge selection to Polygons. To do this simply hold down CTRL and click on Polygon icon(red square) in selection rollout menu.

Step 13: To grow the selection click Grow 2 times.

Step 14: Now click on the little box next to Extrude to extrude the polygons with an amount of -0.025cm. Change the extrusion type to Local Normals and click the check mark for OK.

Step 15: For the final step of this 3d modeling tutorial just add another Turbosmooth modifier.

3D Modeling Result:

That's it. This was our 3d modeling tutorial. Leave a comment if you have any problems following this 3d modeling tutorial.